A quick apology

Hello everyone! 😀 Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I have been SUPER busy! You can guarantee new posts from me very soon! I hope to see you all soon!



      Logan P.


Interview with vastepickid109 from ROBLOX!

Hello everyone! Here we are with a friend of mine, Vaste!

Me: What engine do you use to hack?

Vaste: None.

Me: What is your favorite game on ROBLOX?

Vaste: This is my favorite.(Martial Arts Tournament by Rikuren)

Me: How are you deleting everything and “hacking” the game?

Vaste: My friend did this for me.

Me: What did he do?

Vaste: He controlled my computer.

Me: Does he hack?

Vaste: Of course.

Me: Will we get to meet him for a interview?

Vaste: No.

Me: Will you hack our points, and if so, in a good way or bad way?

Vaste: Everyone here who is my friend will get their points hacked in a good way.

Me: Thank you for letting us interview you.

Vaste: Ok.

There you have it everyone! This is the interview! Special thanks to Vaste for reading this!

Hello world!

Hey! My name’s Logan. this is a site where you can view some amazing photos taken by me! it could be about anything – my drawings, views, landmarks, you name it! So yeah! Go ahead and look at my new website!